Week 36

My wife the penguin

We went out for a Friday Nepalese meal. Walking home it was cold – very cold – and the little one was competing with the curry for space and causing considerable discomfort for Jas. And she had to pee. Jas was torn between struggling to walk normally (well, “normal” for 36 weeks pregnant), and rushing home to a warm toilet: the result was a brisk, modified waddle, with short steps, her torso bobbing from side to side, her arms lightly flapping; she was wearing a dark jacket and a white beanie, and had there been a few snow drifts about, it would have looked as though I was walking hand-in-flipper with an Emperor Penguin. 

Sore fingers

I’m getting quite good at massaging. I think. I try to help out with Jas’ back discomfort as much as I can, and a 10 minute rub often helps...but – alas – I can’t do much more than 10 minutes. It’s tough on the hands, and my finger muscles don’t seem to be developing any strength. What do professional masseuses do? Are there any finger fitness classes out there? For a potentially long labour, with hours of massage ahead of me, I’m going to have to come up with a cunning plan. I wonder if I can get a special attachment for the electric hand mixer...

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Jas & Richard. Not long now :) John and I just had our new born on 7 Jan. Parenting is a lot of fun. New borns are just so cute. Stay intouch. Love Janice & John xx