Week 37


Jas and the bub both want out now.

He’s trying to get out, but hasn’t quite worked it out yet. His downward pressure on Jas’ pelvis is palpable, most notably to Jas, of course. Looking at the belly profile, the bulge has shifted noticeably lower, almost kind of drooping, as though he is stretching his legs out and to try reach the floor from within, attempting escape the lazy way. I can just see him as a little person in his cot trying to get out by squeezing his legs through the slats, and wondering why he can’t get any further.

Jas’ manoeuvrability has declined considerably. Getting dressed is a time consuming effort, a major project, something that almost requires a small scaffolding team to complete. Putting shoes on is the most challenging, often requiring my assistance. When she does it herself it looks a bit like a Buddha doing yoga.

Hilariously, she has started to “beep, beep, beep” when she is reversing, warning me of the long load coming my way. One night she sat down at the dinner table, moved her seat as close to the table she could, looked at her distant meal, and then at the bulbous bump filling the expanse between her and her plate. “I am further from the table every time I have dinner!”

She still looks gorgeous though.

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