Week 28


We might have a blogging baby on our hands. Jas was typing on the computer, and she noticed that at one point, when she typed, our blueberry tapped. She stopped and looked at her bump, and he stopped tapping. Imagination? She pressed a few keys and stopped; he tapped again and stopped. Type, type, tap, tap. Recently, he seemed to be responding to certain noises and certain voices, but now he seemed to be joining in on what was going on the outside!

The Shopping List

We have so much to buy. Our little three-kilo person will need much of what we already have but in a tiny version. A little bed, little sheets, little clothes, a little bath. I’m also told we need a “Grobag”; I thought this was something you grow tomato seedlings in, but apparently it is a little sleeping bag for fresh-borns. Most mammals are able to walk within a few hours of childbirth; humans take a year to get around to getting on their feet, requiring their parents to obtain a little transport device or a sling to get them about. Most mammals are lucky in that they can clean their young with the aid of a large, sticky tongue; we humans require wipes, buds, cotton wool, lotions, oils, nappies, bibs and a changing table. Even though we’ll (hopefully) be self sufficient in the new-born feeding department, we’ll still need maternity pads, nipple cream, bottles, bottle sterilisers, and a milking machine breast pump. And maybe some cabbage - apparently a cabbage leaf lining the bra helps with painful breastfeeding boobs; it’ll also be handy if we come across a starving goat. What’s more, most of this equipment will need to be able to withstand copious quantities of pee, poo and puke. Do they make Teflon bibs yet?

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  1. Go the Grobag - seriously, at the top of your to-buy list!!