Week 29


One great thing about pregnancy: flying. On Easyjet, the Airline of Unallocated Seats (or AnUS), being pregnant avoids the mad scramble onto the plane to try and get seats together! On our weekend trip to Berlin, Jas flashed her bump at check-in, and out came the red carpet to the front seats on the plane. Marvellous. Unfortunately it didn’t assist in getting the plane off the ground in time, nor did it get us free tea. But we were up front, with leg room!

On the way back to London we also managed to get priority boarding but not after all the passengers had to sit outside the gate, on the hard floor, in a hallway, for hours, while passport officers sat waiting for the go-ahead to start letting us into the gate, where there were seats. After some time of sitting on the hallway floor, I asked the kindly officers if I could have a chair for the pregnant wife, and they immediately let Jas and I through, into the gate. Lovely chaps. We then had 100 seats to ourselves!

Doctors Orders?

Jas had been making more regular visits to her chiropractor to assist with back discomfort associated with carrying the bundle of joy that filled her belly and strained her body. He regularly advised Jas on exercises to do, and what not to do, to keep herself in shape. One day Jas told me that she was told to no longer to do any kind of twisting actions, “like vacuuming”, and that she wasn’t to bend over and pick up anything, “like emptying the dishwasher”. I sensed a disturbing trend. I demanded signed instructions from the chiropractor in future.

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