Week 14

A little scare: we had to rush Jas to hospital to check that all was ok. A nurse promptly came in with a device that detected the heartbeat of the foetus...there was a tense period of total quiet as she moved it about Jas’ belly, and then suddenly a thumping little heartbeat filled the room. It was pumping so fast! It was an incredibly re-assuring sound. 

With a number of hospital trips in the last few weeks, we were getting to know the place well. We’ll be able to running guided tours of the maternity ward before long...

Jas was continually getting aches and cramps with her growing body and baby, but one day she had experienced a new, enjoyable sensation: bubbles. It was her first feeling of our little one and she was overjoyed. It was great news, though I thought: first it was two fingers at the ultrasound, now blowing raspberries.

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