Week 17

Jas: “Our bedroom smells of paper.”

Bedrooms odours are typically related to dirty clothes or to sheets that have been in contact with bodies for 40 hours a week. But not ours: those three harmless books sitting on my bedside table that had been unopened for several days were offensive odours factories! I was happy Jas wasn’t a librarian.

Pregnancy brain

Pregnancy brain: an excuse newly pregnant ladies use for the forgetfulness they always had? Perhaps. Jas had certainly muttered the phrase on a number of occasions recently. However, when we were walking to our second midwife appointment Jas suddenly stopped, looked at her feet, and announced that she had put on different shoes. I looked down, and she was indeed wearing two completely different styles of shoes. I stood there, trying to imagine myself picking up one of my shoes, slipping my foot in it, doing it up, and then picking up a non-matching shoe and putting it on the other foot, all with my eyes open, sober, without noticing that something was clearly amiss.

Step forward, Pregnancy Brain.

The next day, before she headed off to work, she noticed that her top was on backwards. I could see a pattern emerging. Note to self: do not let Jas anywhere near our suitcase when packing for our next holiday.

Back to the midwife appointment: a scanner was rubbed over Jas’ belly to monitor the bub’s heartbeat. After some probing, we finally heard it – hwoo, hwoo, hwoo - the whooshing sound of idling helicopter rotors. The little guy/girl had become an aeronautical engineer in the space of a few weeks. 

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