Week 16

Our 4 year old nephew speaks to Jas on the phone. He is well aware of a “new cousin” that is on his/her way. He recently asked: “Is it out yet?”

After so much inactivity and tiredness, Jas was moving about more, she returned to work, and enjoyed slowly increasing energy levels and getting more done. Importantly she was cooking dinner more often (hurrah!). One day I came home to a freshly mowed lawn: it took her a long while to complete cutting our little strip of green; she stopped a few times and was completely wrecked at the end of her herculean effort...and I have to say, it was the dodgiest lawn job she’d ever done! It was as though a twin-prop Cessna had done very low fly-bys over our garden. But that didn’t matter: it was a brilliant accomplishment for her after the past couple of months of illness.

Jas’ uterus was now the size of a small melon. Her belly was the size of a large one, as firm as pear and smooth as an apple. We took our basket of fruit for its first swim at local pool, where Jas could float some more.

Baby’s first book reading

My sister sent us the children’s classic: The Hungry Caterpillar. To Jas’ bare belly, I initiated our blueberry to the story (which is full of fruit, incidentally), reading and showing the pictures to the bump. Half way through reading the story Jas pulled her T-shirt over her stomach. I said: “Why did you do that? He can’t see the pictures now”. The belly started quivering with laughter. 

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