Week 15

Family holiday

We had a week away in Croatia. It was our first excursion beyond the hospital for quite a while. Our concern was that we wouldn’t be able to find the right food for the journey there, but we were well prepared: our on-board luggage consisted of one bag of clothes and two bags of food. 

The water in Croatia was incredible. I swam several times a day, paddling about and playing with the fish. Jas just wanted to go into the water to float. I realised that Jas seemed to have taken on the life of our unborn child: sleeping often, eating often, peeing often and floating about, just because she could. 

Baby dream

Knowing that the first few weeks of our newborn baby’s life would mean little time for ourselves, we’d started thinking of how we’d deal with the responsibility of a new dependent and the endless tasks of feeding and cleaning up poo and puke amongst the other day to day things we had to do. One night I had dream: I was mowing the lawn, and on top of the noisy mower was attached a baby carrier, with our son in it, so I could keep an eye on him while I carried out my garden chore. He was a few weeks old, little curls of hair, snugly installed in the heavily vibrating baby holder as I was cutting the grass. At one point in the dream I thought that this was probably not a good thing for the baby: I paused, looked down at the buzzing bub, and he smiled a contended little grin, so I continued mowing. Genius idea, eh?